Why I hate confinement? Pt 2

This has everything to do with my confinement lady!

1. She abused my combi rashule. Kaira meimei crying, awake, not crying, fidgeting, sleeping or whatsoever, she just rock and rock it! So that she will sleep or be quiet so that she can watch TV!

2. She bounced Kaira meimei to sleep.

3. Kaira meimei only needs to wince a bit and CL will carry her and start bouncing. AND she will be sooooooo absorbed in the TV programme that she will just carry Kaira throughout. I have to REMIND her to put baby back into the rashule.

4. CL does not insist on swaddling Kaira meimei. As a result, she gets frustrated when I swaddle her.

5. CL does not know how to make Kaira meimei sleep in the middle of the night and complain that Kaira meimei does not sleep at night after bottle feeding and only sleeps when latched.

6. Related to #5, she set alarm to feed Kaira meimei 3 hourly and NOT wait for her to cry first. Of course, Kaira meimei would not want to go back to sleep cos she got woke up prematurely what!

7. She is getting lazier when it comes to cooking lunch. It’s just bee hoon/mee sua with meat and soup. No vege no fish!

8. She makes Kaira meimei sleep whole day and when Kaira doesn’t want to sleep at night, she complain! And because of this, my dear girl is showing signs of day/night confusion.

Thank goodness she will be gone in 5 days! But imagine all the bad habits that Kaira meimei has picked up and I have to correct all! ARGHHHHHHHHH!


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