Get well soon, Big Sister!

Little girl has been down since last Saturday. Fever went as high as 40 degrees and we had yet another traumatic weekend. I almost snapped for I have to also deal with a constantly crying and fussy meimei.

Apparently, what I call, the post-CNY virus is actually Croup. According to here, Croup is breathing difficulty accompanied by a “barking” cough. Croup, which is swelling around the vocal cords, is common in infants and children and can have a variety of causes. So, as defined, little girl completely lost her voice on Sunday and she was devastated by it. She simply could not stop sobbing for she has been pretty much a chatterbox. Because I have to be the one managing meimei, so to prevent the virus from reaching meimei, I have to be a bystander throughout. But I witnessed the pain she is going through ,due to the infection. My parents and hubby are also tired for they have to ensure that fever is managed throughout the nights and not forgetting, they have to also go through traumatic episodes of medicine feeding and vomit attacks. It was sponging after sponging and changing in and out of clothes due to her phlegm and mucus.

This painfully reminds me of the chicken pox ordeal, not too long ago. Once again, I am made to stand aside and do nothing. I really wish I could give her a proper hug. Somehow, I am starting to feel distance from the little girl due to the circumstance of having meimei around. Can’t help to feel really sad for we were so much closer and were basically ‘superglue’ to each other. Now I am just in a hurry to work out a proper routine with meimei so that I can spend more time with little girl before the leave ends.

In the meantime, all I ask is for my little girl to get well soon. Mama loves you very very much.


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