Training the lil Milk Monster!

FINALLY, the totally-not-up-to-mark confinement lady went home last Friday! Now it’s Mummy Vs the Milk Monster. Since I basically have had enough of her crying (especially when her big sis was never a cry baby), I took out my Gina Ford again! Started her on the GF routine on Saturday and I must say, although the eventual objective of making her sleep through the night is still far off, I do see a much calmer meimei. Her cries are definitely still loud and clear but many times, due to the routine, we are able to pre-empt most of her discomfort. Now, if only I could stop her meltdowns during bath time especially when dressing her.

Meimei during one of the ZEN time.


2 thoughts on “Training the lil Milk Monster!

  1. mei mei is so cute!

    hey.. bally last time also screams his head off before bath.. then i realised .. he might be hungry.. i half feed him.. then he would be calmer..
    try that?

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