I miss Little Girl!

Little girl is still coughing quite a bit but at least I have been spending some time (in fact only minutes everyday) with her. Can’t really do much with her because usually when I am at mum’s in the evening, I would be dead tired and also, Kaira meimei will also be looking for attention. I think quite a bit of the distress comes from the  guilt that I cannot spend as much time with jiejie as I want.

It hurts a little when I see her adoring her daddy a bit more now. I guess she still very much wants my attention but tugging at my pants when I carry meimei or when I carry her, she would do her touching of my sleeves and her ‘petal lip’ action (yes..both my daughters have this little habit).

Really want to spend more time with her and I guess I have to start going to my mum’s everyday. At least when I am done with settling meimei (which takes up pretty much most of the day) or resting (which is rare), I can try to do some reading with the little girl….that’s provided she gets well and I can just get near to her without needing to change in and out of clothes and other reservation.

Cheeky little girl and zombified mama


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