Trauma KK!

Nope…KK ain’t the KK in my household. But the very infamous hospital.

It all started with a phone call to the hotline about paracetamol and infants under 3 months. Staff nurse over the phone said, ‘…better see a doctor. But if cannot, 1.5 ml…’ Then it was the realisation that KKH does not advocate paracetamol to infants under 3 months. So, after giving her the dosage, the worried parent sent Kaira meimei, whose fever was hovering between 37.5 to 38.3, to KKH A & E. And as expected, despite her fever has subsided due to the paracetamol, she was admitted. And business was so good there that only B2 Ward (6-bedded non air con) was available.

Horror is perhaps the best word to describe the stay. Every second I questioned if we should just leave. Why?

1. The place looked like a refugee camp.

2. We were made to repeat whatever we said to the doctor at A & E at least 2 times. Didn’t the doctor type whatever we said into the system and we did see many mobile computer stations. Don’t these people check?

3. The nurses traumatised Kaira all the time. From irritating her due to temperature taking (they still do arm pit taking?), to the stupid way of collecting fresh urine sample. (after an hour of torturing kaira, only 1 pathetic drop was collected n result was insufficient uribe sample. Irony is, we found out at Dr B that there’s actually a special urine bag designed to collect urine sample. So much for spending on all the high tech computers and systems when simple urine collection is so primitive at KK)

4. Because of nunber 2 and 3, Kaira was unable to sleep and rest. She was crying inconsolably all the time. Poor daddy had to carry her to sleep the whole night.

5. We had to tell the nurse to sponge Kaira. And even a simple sponging, she was not competent. She merely sponged the forehead!

6. Not only were the little patients unwell, their parents were also coughing and sneezing non-stop. I really think if anyone is well, they probably would end up unwell after a night’s stay at KKH.

7. Coughs and sneezes aside, the snores! Gosh!

8. I was constantly asked why did I give paracetamol. When I told them about the hotline? SILENCE!

So, the Ngs fled the moment the day breaks and off to MT E, we went.

Horrors of KKH did not end there. Apparently, all the ‘effort’ of taking urine, nose swab were all pretense. According to the discharge letter, there was no preliminary diagnosis and no tests results were found. And that’s many hours after taking the samples.

At Mt E, Dr B was the figure of reassuring calm. By a mere touch, 38 degrees celsius, she said. And she was so right! Urine and blood tests were ordered. And paracetamol suppository was administered. Results of blood test came back within an hour and it was concluded to be viral fever. Urine sample was contaminated by meimei’s stools but at least a cleverer method was used. And because of this, we could even have a proper lunch at Paragon. Blood test, diagnosis, Fever subsided, home and a happier and cooing meimei, all within 5 hours.

So, the point of contention here, can babies under 3 months can take paracetamol. According to Dr B, the paracetamol was not so much for the fever. Because it is the viral fever, the baby is enduring a lot of pain. So, paracetamol is for the pain. And once the pain subsided, the baby can rest and sleep better to battle the virus.

We were simply exhausted and at the same time, amused by the whole KK experience. And really, there’s something seriously wrong about the place.

Kaira could finally sleep after the ordeal, at home. Check out the arm, poor girl had a pretty big tube of blood taken.


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