Ganbatte ne, Nihon!

11 March 2011, a Friday that the Japanese will probably never forget.

The great 9.0 quake and devastating tsunami really sent Japan to rock bottom. Images of the disaster and it’s cruelty are constantly shown on the news, print, digital and on screen. I think the Japanese especially those living in the northeast never expected their lives to change overnight like this – from having almost everything to having nothing. All that’s left are muddy lands and debris. Not forgetting, loved ones who are missing or have lost thir lives.

The aftermath seems even more dire. Lack of water, food, warmth and shelters.Possibility of nuclear radiation.

The question that came to my mind is, is this the Japan I know? Think japan, one would see vibrance, energy but now, I can imagine the gloom hovering over the whole country.

But I guess as the world has witnessed, the Japanese are not going to be beaten by this disaster. The graciousness, faith and solidarity they have displayed is really something no other country an emulate. They really made us reflect and feel ashame. I, for one, am guilty of complaints and impatience. (to think that I always call myself a pseudo Japanese just because I go almost every year since I was a kid).

Now, as fear of increasing nuclear radiation and ‘The Great One’ increases, the Japanese probably need a lot of support to hang in there. I know they will come out of it stronger. And I look forward to the day I bring my girls to visit my pseudo homeland soon.


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