~BB Kay’s Diary~ BB Kay’s dictionary

I’m still trying to decide which should be considered bb kay’s first word. Is it her ‘mamamama’ when she was 5 month-old or was it ‘bird’ when she was about 9 month. I guess nevernind that because I’m simply amused and amazed by her never-ending baby babbling and how she surprises us with new sound everyday. Here’s what she has in her ‘dictionary’ by 17 months:

~ For some reason, animals form a big part of her dictionary and knowledge. She may not pronounce all the animals but she shows recognition either by calling their names, making the sounds they make or through action.

Examples, bird, dog (狗狗,woof woof), cat (猫猫),duck, fish (‘shhh’), pig, cow (she goes ‘mmmmmmmm’), elephant ( she would emulate the trumpet sound of an elephant) rabbit (‘bit’ she calls it) and Butterfly (she would flap her arms up n down)

– Foods like Apple (‘ple’), 包,面,milk, recently and my favourite, banana (she will go ‘nanana’)

– She is also starting to learn 谢谢, please, shhhhh (with a finger to the mouth), 要 and no.

Interestingly, just today, I realized she does remember the first 3 actions of the zoophonics. Hopefully, she will start pronouncing them soon.

I just hope that she is not getting any of the slower speech development from me.


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