~BB Kay’s Diary~ A trip to Dr B @ 17 Months!

Here’s my first post on WordPress! (The rest that you have seen are mama’s attempt to migrate my blog).

Took my MMR yesterday, FINALLY! Was hauled to Dr Belinda’s clinic while I was taking my beauty nap. The next moment I knew, I was already at Mt E. As usual, I was very puzzled and a little bewildered. So, I clung on to mama.

But the moment I reached the clinic, I was amazed by the number of butterfly ornaments and toys there! I eased a bit. Then it was weight and height taking time. I now proudly stand at 84cm tall (97th Percentile) and 11.6kg (95th percentile). Certainly am on the bigger side.

We did not have to wait long to see Dr B. She started asking questions about me  before examining my teeth and hearing my heartbeat. Suddenly, for some strange reason, mama took out her iPhone and let me watch Barney! Strange because she has not let me touch her phone for the longest time. I started to get suspicious and kept eyeing Dr B, yet at the same time, I could keep my eyes off Barney too. And then, OUCH!!!!!!!! I started crying! Terrible doctor jabbed me at the arms. It was painful, ok! Oh well, all was over tough in 5 secs because I got yummy gummy bear in my mouth! Doctor gave me 3 in total (although to the dismay of mama…hahahah). So, I guess, Dr B and I are still friends.

Oh! And Dr B also asked mama about her intention to send me for childcare or playgroup. Initially she thought that I might not be ready. But upon hearing papa and mama complaining about my behaviour in GUG classes, she thinks I might just be ready for it. However, she commented something that papa has also mentioned — I am definitely not going to be able to fit into PCF/PAP schools. This certainly sent mama into panicking mode as she has sort of decided on sending me to PAP kindergarden. And now, Dr B is suggesting that she might need to look for schools with more space and exploring curriculum for me.

I simply adore Dr B. Somehow, she seems to know me best.


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