Why Kaylea and Kaira?

Dear jiejie, Kaylea 黄宇熙 (Yu Xi)

We decided on the word 熙 in the earlier part of the pregnancy when we knew your gender. Checked the dictionary and not only is it the name of an emperor but it also means 光明 (bright). 宇 was decided when your yiyi suggested it. We were pretty lost on which character to match 熙 and your super-good-in-Chinese yiyi gave us this idea.

Kaylea is a name that your mama chanced upon when googling. I wanted to name you Sophie but was rejected by your papa even though it means wisdom. As we wanted a nice and unique name with a pretty meaning, we spent quite a bit of time looking for names. Finally found THE name online. Love it’s definition for it’s synonym to your Chinese name. It simply means bright in hawaiian.

So our hope for you, Kaylea, is to be the bright light of the universe just like your name.

Dear Meimei, Kaira 黄宇恒 (Yu Heng)

Meimei, we took really long to decide on your name. Your English name was supposed to start with L but after looking for a while, both papa and mama decided on mama’s choice right from the start -Kaira. Apparently this name has 2 meanings – peace and lady (in Greek)

Interestingly, your Chinese name was also mama’s first choice. It took mama numerous rounds of discussion before papa agreed. Love the name 宇恒 because 恒 can refer to eternity (永恒) or resilience (恒心). And it so happened that mama is at a stage of life where I need a strong dose of determination and resilience. So, I hope that when I see you, I’m reminded of that.

So, my dear lady, our hope for you is to be the eternal peaceful strength of the universe.



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