Confessions of a 31 year-old!

Continuing the tradition of a birthday blog entry, here I am, 20 mins away from the end of the day. We did not really have grand plans for the day,  but an impromptu decision by the birthday boy took us to Jaan, Equinox. And I really thank him for that long-awaited peaceful and quiet couple time (although it was an almost mad rush back to feed the meimei on bottle strike).

I have always looked forward to my birthday because it’s really special to know that you have someone special who shares the same birthday with you. Been wanting to have a birthday party in the name of it. Maybe when we turn 40? Hahhaah..

Another year passed. And an amazing and breathtaking (literally) year indeed. Suddenly, I got promoted….not from a teacher to a SH or HOD, but from a mother of one to a mother of two. Talk about whirlwind, man. Only one word can describe the experience, CRAZY!!! Still trying hard to cope honestly, but life goes on. And when it comes to parenthood, I have learnt that things will take its course on its own. Just always hope and pray for the best.

This 31 is also a big year for me due to another reason. In time…soon to come…

So, to end the shortest birthday entry ever. All I want for my birthday now is for my loved ones to be happy and healthy, especially the 2 Ks. And another little wish of mine is…for the bottle rejector to fall in love with bottles.

Frankly speaking…I still don’t feel 30, let alone 31…hahahha


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