DIY Activities for Tots!

Been quite obsessed with DIY activities for tots. Maybe because my pockets are finally burnt from all the excessive toy buyings which are not quite appreciated by BB Kay. So, decided to go the cheaper route. Maybe it is also because of the prospect that I will have more time with the girls soon.

Pretty inspired by this mum in US, I think. Shortlisted quite a bit of ideas from her and look forward to the Daiso shopping to get the materials.

Here’s my first DIY activity (a bit too simple actually) for BB Kay. I just used whatever I have at home. Apparently, tots at her age are obsessed with putting things in and out of containers. She was actually occupied for 10 mins. Subsequently, when I give it to her, she will play once and chuck it aside. Will be putting this in her traveling busy box (if I ever gonna compile one) and see if she likes to do it when traveling.

Bottle and Straw game

Improvisation with coloured pens.


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