I am simply inspired from all the readings online during the ‘ME” time at dawn. I am so going to UNTOY!!! Blame consumerism and the crazy prices of toys, not forgetting my super not focused BBK. I have decided to UNTOY, meaning, stop buying toys (maybe when I am stressed, I might just break the rule) and use activities and available materials to entertain her!!

I am just simply amazed and inspired by the number of ideas from books and www. Now, I just need to SHOP (ironic, ya?) for more materials!!

A couple of stuffs that I found today!

Treasure baskets – Honestly, feeling dumb! Why din I think of that especially when it’s obvious that she has such ‘itchy hands’.
Craft supplies– Gutted!!! Cos I just paid for my VPOSTUSA bill! Too late to add!

Baking Supplies – OK….not quite related but just chanced upon it, so just share with any baking enthusiasts (speaking of which, I miss it so much)


The first treasure box! See that hand? She can’t wait to play with them


Bbk in action


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