Inviting a stranger into our home?

We have been torn for weeks now. As the day for me to return to work looms, we are starting to explore childcare arrangements, finally. It has to be done as it would be quite a battle for my mum to handle both Ks. Hence, we have to choose between a domestic helper and sending Kay to full day childcare.

Had initially decided that Kay will go to full day childcare because

– this means Kay can start learning more skills

– Kay can be more independent.

But this is strongly objected by my parents as they were afraid that she will fall sick. Also, we are quite overwhelmed by house chores, so it seems logical to get a DH to help with both the kids and the chores.

So, off to United Channel we went to get a DH from Myanmar. But guess what? After listening to the salesperson, I suddenly had a change of mind. Both of us really dislike the idea of having a stranger in our house. And having a DH is simply not our way of life. So, before seeing any biodata, we ducked!

It was then back to childcare centres as we figure that she has to go to school sooner or later. So, instead of sending her at 24 mths, we decided to send her when she turns 19 mths.

Then came the visit to the girls’ PD, Dr B, today for meimei’s vaccination. We had a chat with her and once again, she asked us to reconsider the idea of sending her to CCs because

– CCs will really expose her to more illnesses and having little K at home means she will be exposed too

– 19 mths is too young for she has yet to be able to communicate if she is unwell or unhappy. School can wait till she is 2.5 year-old.

– she can learn with us when we return from work everyday.

– being sent to CCs is actually very traumatic for toddlers.

Hence, because of the above (especially the last point) and being a huge fan of Dr B and we are back to square one.

Come Monday, we will still continue with our visits to the shortlisted CCs, mainly to find out about their curricula and maybe decide on which to send her to when she turns 2. By then, we will send her to half day CC instead of full day. In the meantime, for her learning, we will probably send her to either JG, GUG or Zoophonics weekday classes. On Monday, we will also go ahead to employ DH that day after the visits.

Well well…end of the big dilemma. As much as we really don’t like the idea of having a stranger at home, I guess for the sake of the girls, it’s a better option. Now, kinda in a panic mode! Need to do quite a bit of clearing and reorganising to clear a space for this newcomer in the house soon.


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