Untoy! Hot Vs Cold!

As mentioned in my earlier post, dawn is probably the more peaceful time of the day for me. But if BB Kay is back, my ‘me’ time is usually cut short because she is an early riser. Since the daddy needs to go to work, I usually have to keep her company until her popo comes to pick her up while crossing fingers that meimei does not wake up at the same time.

Today she woke up early once again. My routine usually will allow me to express and store milk, wash and sterilise equipment while warming up expressed breast milk (ebm) for her. But because she was up early and the daddy had to leave early, I had to put  the storing of ebm and washing of equipment aside and carry her (she usually wants to be carried after waking up — but thank goodness I had my manduca with me today). At the same time, I was in a frenzy preparing her milk.

Thank goodness, she was happy after her milk but still hovering around me while I wash the equipment in the kitchen. Then the fun began when I was storing my ebm in my freezer. She was pretty intrigued by the coldness of the freezer and started touching every thing in it. Then she chanced upon this gel ice pack I kept from Hokkaido fair (so that I can use it to chill ebm if I EVER have a chance to bottle feed meimei). Hohoho….she simply couldn’t keep her hands off it.

Then I remembered that I still haven’t discarded the milk bag. So, I washed and filled it up with hot water. And just these 2 items kept her occupied for half an hour.

She already has the concept of cold and would utter ‘cold cold’ when we open the fridge. She also knows how ‘warm’ feels like because she would always imitate my mum’s way of testing the temperature of her milk bottle by putting it at her cheek. So, here comes HOT. Depending on which pack she touched, all I did during the whole session was to repeat ‘hot’ or ‘cold’!

I let her explore and explore she sure did. From cheeks to arm pits, to  chest and to legs. And it was very obvious which temperature is her favourite.

Best part? When my mum came, she wanted to take the ice pack away with her. So, I guess she likes the activity pretty much.

The iced gel pack
The hot pack
Trying it on the leg20110504-074331.jpg
Then the armpit
And the chest

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