Home-made playdough!

Thanks to Jaz’s special morning delivery of my food gel colouring, I am finally able to DIY the playdough! So, after a great evening out and a horrible migraine, I decided to make some before bedtime.

Below is the first dough! Supposed to be red but I was too stingy with the colour as I did not know how concentrated is the food coloring.


So, after half a kg of flour, almost a packet of salt, almost a bottle of cream of tartar, a few drops of food colouring and red red hands from kneading the warm mixture, here’s my home-made playdough for the little girl! Did not expect the recipe to make such big dough and so, I divided them into half. Might just bring one set to my mum’s.


Packed them in ziploc bags, shall put them in the fridge tomorrow morning. Dated them as it is mentioned in the recipe that it can be kept for about 6 months… Hmmm we shall see.


here’s the recipe for those who want to try it at home. But just a reminder, please do not pour the warm mixture into the flour. Follow the recipe of putting the flour into the mixture. I tried both ways, and it seems that the latter made it easier to knead. Also, if the dough is still sticky after kneading, remember to add more flour. I think one cup is too little, maybe about one and a half makes more sense.


Courtesy of this book. Thank goodness it’s not a white elephant yet! At least I made the dough!


Ok… Time to hit the sack. Feel really satisfied. It’s actually quite fun kneading , sweating and aching. Shall see if bb Kay has the chance to play with it tomorrow!


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