SIA – A Great Way to Fly? My foot!

*** Disclaimer*** This is a ranting post. If you do not mind me spoiling your weekend mood, please go ahead and read it.

For a long time, we have been terribly misled that our super duper national carrier is one that we should be proud of for its service and reputation in the industry. After this entire process, I really beg to differ. I am certainly very very peeved by them. Here’s my experience with them from the purchase of tickets till the issuance of the e-tickets. And I am still 3 weeks away from the trip, so, I have no idea what other things can they screw up.

Booked my tickets via their website for the first time. Got into trouble when I wanted to purchase a seat for BB Kay. Tricky issue because she is yet 24 months and so, by right, she should be in a bassinet. So, I called the call centre at 12.30am. To my ultimate horror, our very rich national carrier has outsourced their call centre to India! After many ‘pardon’, ‘can you repeat again’,  ‘can you talk louder’ and ‘I cannot hear you’, tickets were finally booked and I was told to make payment.

Within 10 mins of that call and after I have made payment, I thought it was time to sleep. BUT NO! I got a call from the call centre, ‘Mdm Chua, I notice that you have booked 2 tickets for Kaylea Ng.’ That did it! I just gave her the worst ever customer service experience.  Towards the end of the call, I remembered that I can reserve seats. So I told her to do so for me (because I forgot I could do it online). I was assigned 31A with bassinet and guess what she told me? The nearest my family can be to be was row 38! She got it from me again but she refused to relent. Call then ended. Disgruntled, I went to check my booking online again and realised I can reserve seats online! And guess what I found out? The nearest seats available is row 32 and right behind me! So, sleepy eyed but totally on fire, I sent a feedback note to SIA!

Thinking that everything was settled, I went online to check the status again and guess what I found out this time? I was assigned infant meal…of well, what can I say.

The ultimate came this morning when I checked my email. E-tickets were issued and I realised there were only 6 tickets. Upon asking my dear friends on fb, to my horror, meimei, although assigned a bassinet should be issued an e-ticket too!!!!! So, I called the call centre and it was once again diverted to the Indian one. I did not bother to talk and just hung up. Dropped an email tothe customer service and now, crossing fingers that this will be settled soon. Otherwise, I think I will just write in to the Straits Times or Today or TOC?

I guess the frustration stemmed from the fact that SIA been boosting how great it is and as a result, our expectations of them is sky high. I am certainly no longer as impressed as before especially when they chose to outsource call centre service overseas instead of using local service. Once again another profit-driven move by one of our top NATIONAL brands.


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