~BB Kay’s Diary~ BB Kay’s Vocabulary

Sigh…mama, papa, popo and basically almost everyone is starting to feel concerned about my reluctance to speak in proper adult language. They keep teasing that I am speaking korean whenever I try to tell them something important! The fact is I am trying and until I gain that confidence, I think I am not very ready to talk to them in chains of sentences. For now, I think they should be happy that I am finally more willing to sprout 2-syllable sounding words like, Elmo, Apple, Rabbit, Barney, 这个 and 不要. Also other than the list I posted the last time, I have added a little bit more. For example, eggs, 口,坐,鞋,sheep, cow, jump, one, two A and B.

I think mama is feeling a little stressed up now because she, herself, a late bloomer in talking started talking at 19 month-old. While, I, nearing 20 month-old, still showing not much of an interest. Oh well, I guess all of them just have to wait a while more. They’d better not regret wanting me to talk early when I start irritating them with my endless questions.


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