Thoughts of a reluctant Kiasu parent

The week-long June holiday program that I signed Bb Kay for has finally ended. Interestingly, the daddy, who only attended one day of lesson with her, actually drew the same conclusion and observation as me at the end of the whole experience.

1. The group that BB Kay attended the program with was really a weird one. In the group of 10, there were 2 grandmas (one of them is from Beijing), 1 Malay mum, 1 heavily pregnant but super pretty (and snobbish) mummy of 3 (soon to be 4), me and the rest? Aunties from The Philippines. Guess what? I only clicked with the grannies, and interestingly, I only like the kid accompanied by one particular granny. The kid is super well behaved and super smart. She could fix puzzles at the grand age of 1 yr and 11 months! The remaining kids, I fear for my ex-comrades in education, who might be their teachers in the near future.

2. For the first time, we saw BB Kay fading into the background during such program. We tried to rationalise the reasons and decided that it was the environment. Her day 1 was at Forum. She had no issue. Day 2 was still alright. But day 3 and 4, we saw that she was trying hard to fit in. We reckon that there was a bit of favoritism going on (only one teacher made an effort to pay her more attention). But another reason is the familiarity of the environment. We started questioning if we should start her in daily playgroup so that she can brush up on her social skills. Then we realised that it could be our issue of changing her program timing and school too often.

3. Both of us think that BB Kay might be a little too mature for her age. Even one of the teachers commented that ‘she is behaving like a big girl’. And we wonder if mainstream pre-school is going to work for her. At the same time, we are pretty clueless about how montessori (freaking ex!) is like.

4. We are still going to only start her ‘schooling’ next year despite all the questioning and dilemmas. Since I have freed up the time, we will be starting her on her weekday programme (probably back with GUG) and continue with her weekend JG.

5. I really hate the idea of her schooling so early but I think we have no choice. In the meantime, will try to let her play as much as possible.


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