~BB Kay’s Dictionary~ 这个是什么?

Just when the mama is starting to get really worried about little girl’s speech development, she is starting to show interest in repeating what we say. She has yet learnt to call her own name but would willingly repeat ‘熙哦’ whenever we call out to her this way. Her sudden spouts of ‘去’ certainly surprised us in HK. Her apples are no long ‘ple’ but ‘ah-pul’ and her rabbit is no longer ‘bit’ but ‘ah-bit’. Our investment in those chinese 认字书 is paying off. She now knows 吃,坐,站, 哭, 喝. Adding to the list are cake and 肉. However, what amused all of us is her ‘这个是什么?’ We had initially thought that we heard her wrong when she started saying this while pointing to something. But soon, things started to come to light. She was truely asking us ‘这个是什么?’ Certainly her first-ever sentence…super proud of her.


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