My hubby says this……

Disclaimer: Haven’t be blogging for days and here I am, having a blogger’s diarrhoea, a term I learnt from an ex-colleague. So, simply close this browser if you are kinda sick of reading 🙂

Anyway this is just a random thought I have while kaypohing FB updates of my friends.

I have many closed friends and relatives going through various stages of life. I have single friends, searching for THE one. I also have single friends and relatives, planning for their big day to turn unavailable. I also have many friends who are already married. So as I was reading statuses, I realise something interesting coming from my friends especially those married and soon-to-be-married and I am liking it a lot. It’s when they say ‘my hb says………..’, ‘dear says……….’, ‘XXX (name of fiance or hb) says……….’

Then I realise that in some of my conversations with these group of friends, these statements are also coming out quite a fair bit. Not forgetting, myself. I think I have been doing this pretty much too.

So, as always, I decide to lament on this a little more today since I was pretty stoned by the flu. And the revelation is simply simple. Most women simply love listening to their special someone, and I mean both good and bad things (the latter would explain all the arguments we have with men). I also realise that it’s not that difficult to realise is that someone is THE one. When you find yourself listening to him and basically, repeating what he says to your friends, I guess THAT’S your HIM, search no farther.

Hahah…controversial this might sound, but I think most women still have that submissive side that makes them so lovable.


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