I should be happy but…

…I’m bothered.

Not sure what is it exactly. I guess it’s a combination nitty gritty. I simply could feel my brows frowning 24/7 even during sleep. Finally, everything culminated into a massive migraine that knocked me out for 6 hours on the glorious national day.

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep… The sleeping past 2am routine and waking up at 7am cos of my early little birds got to stop.

Then it’s the boutique… I’m not quite that patient. It’s a toughie given that I’m given only that 2-3 hours after the girls sleep to work. this explains the past 2am routine.

The little girl’s pre-school plan is in jeopardy for our choice school has no space and the waiting list is looooong. Might just go back to schools offering childcare services again.

Lack of ‘me’ and social time. I miss the ‘me’ time a lot. Not the working by myself kinda ‘me’ time. I also miss hanging out with my friends. Family has taken up so much of my time that I think friends have kinda given up on asking me out. Afterall, I have ‘curfew’ and specific ‘can’ and ‘cannot’ days and time.

I know I should be counting my blessings and I am… But the worrywart in me is creeping out and I’m too tired to fight it. Suddenly, I miss working, though, not the same job anymore…


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