September life of the Ks and the mum

Yet another rare chance to blog. So much in the puny brain but so little time to throw it all up! Shall take this short and rare ‘me’ time to blog using my tiny iPhone at coffee bean kallang leisure park while the hub and tod are in the process of ‘growing up gifted’.

Updates! Updates!

1) Big K is peaking on a daily basis at the stage of terrible twos. She’s so used (numbed) to scoldings, threats and palm prints. Running out of ideas to deal with her (trying to look for time to blog about what dr B shared with me about her) but am constantly plotting ways to get away from her. I’m just thankful that the daddy is having the break now. So she has found herself an alternative south pole to stick to. Anyway just some ‘tricks’ she is good at now. a) the naked run, b) huge interest in removing shoes, socks and clothes, c) ‘parroting’ skills, d) my favorite! Singing, although in a tone-deaf and incoherent manner. I can actually decipher some of the songs that she tries to sing like ‘twinkle twinkle little star’, ‘abc’, ‘mr sun’ etc. In conclusion, when it comes to the big K, on good days, I laugh with her, on bad days, I cry with her.

2) small K. Well well, this small girl is showing that she is not one to mess with. She is turning 8 months soon and has yet to sit up on her own (though she has done it twice successfully). But she is learning to crawl and stand with support. Yes… I call her the ‘silly girl’ for all her silly stunts. Everyone’s favorite trick of hers is separation anxiety. Most are amused by her strong capability to sniff and see me from far and whine till cows come home. Her ‘qiong yao’ style of tearing, ie, one drop of tear at each eye, has become a common sight on a daily basis. Basically she’s an angel when I’m not around and a super mega magnet when I’m near her. She is also turning into a nightmare when it comes to changing her diaper and dressing her. Oh, I haven’t mentioned her sudden change of mind when it comes to sleeping through the night. She has become a night owl 1-3am nightly. And her mama is turning into Oscar the grouch becos of that. Other than what’s mentioned, she is still the little angel with that super duper cute toothless (and mimi-eyed) smile. Oh, and she adores her big sister.

3) Me (as if anyone is interested). 3 months into self-employment and I must say it’s not easy. I’m loving my job a lot but the part on keeping the $$$ coming is a toughie. Good news is, I actually have earned enough for the first month to pay off the rent! But with almost no salary. So, life these days is about seeking cheap and good ways to publicize and sell. Running out of ideas actually but I guess ‘hanging in there’ should be the philosophy. These 2 weeks of rendezvous with a nasty flu bug is also not helping. Feeling too lethargic to do anything, really. That’s why, I’m kinda resolved to build this piece of old body up.

So, here it is. Another long long entry of my old boring life. I’m still smiling (weakly) though.


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