So I ponder…

Do you feel that sometimes that the person that you thought is close to you has become so distant?

Somehow conversation topics have exhausted and really, there’s nothing much to say.

You can almost feel the person guarding him or herself up as though wary of you.

You start to become suspicious and wonder what, or rather, who has changed? You or the person?

When you start to become sure that you are not the variable in the whole issue, you start to ponder more – what has happened to the person that you thought is your closed one?

Is it because of you? Is it because he or she has a problem? Is it because you and the person no longer share the same ideals? Or simply, you are no longer important in his or her life.

That’s when you start to wonder what to do from now on. Keep it status quo and continue the facade,  find out the problem and fix it or just let the drifting continue till it ends.

Or could it be just you over-thinking at the end of the day? Hmmmmm……


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