~BB Kay’s Diary~ I am TWO!

A long overdue entry here. Busy busy months for me.

Since 18 month-old, I have been attending school at GUG twice a week. School is definitely fun as I have very fun teachers and I get to meet my friends. I also have lotsa fun learning. My confidence has also increased especially in speech.

This month of October is also a very important one. YES! I have turned TWO! Lucky me had 3 mega celebrations! Once at nainai’s, one in school and one at home. On my actual birthday 20th, mama brought me Royce and I also has my birthday ice-cream at Swensens…yum! I think my favourite time of the year from now onwards is MY BIRTHDAY! The song and the ritual are firmly programmed in my head.

I guess turning TWO means a lot. First, I am no longer a baby, although I still enjoy being cuddled in the craddle of mama. I also find myself very frustrated lately. I simply can’t get what I want across to the adults. They simply don’t get it. There are a lot more tears and screams from me due to such frustrations. I am also more aware of my physical ability. I can jump now! And I love it! Oh, I also have learnt to sing songs that can finally be understood by everyone. My favourites are ABC, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

So, what will be up and coming soon? I will be staying put in GUG until Jan next year. Yes….I am starting school unaccompanied next year. Honestly , I am still clueless about how it will be like. But mama always says I am more than ready for it. Papa and mama are also arranging some outings for me and meimei to the flyer and the zoo. Perhaps USS too! Hopefully these outings will materialise.

Stay tuned for more updates, soon, I hope. 


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