And so, my new obsession starts


Box from Twelve Cupcakes

Yep. This particular box put my cupcakes to SHAME! I am now going through something, I termed as, cupcake depression. Did not shoot the content, simply because, the cupcakes are so yummy that, I gobble up the cupcakes before taking any picture. I am usually skeptical when it comes to celebrities opening foodie chain etc etc. But this Jaime Teo bakes real good stuffs. The cupcakes are MOIST (mine are always so dry) and NOT SWEET (mine are always being commented as TOO SWEET).

And so, after trying their cookies and cream, chocolate cupcakes and Lemon (WHICH IS HEAVENLY!), I have a new obsession! I resolve to bake MOIST cupcakes that are NOT SWEET.

To motivate myself to bake more…I bought (or rather, going to buy) this.'s called a Cupcake Courier

Nope, I have no intention to open any cupcake chain, I just want to bake yummy cupcakes.


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