Employed vs self-employed

Been wanting to write something about the difference between employed and self-employed but I somehow couldn’t find the right mindset to do that.

So, as I’m waiting for the next client to come, I’m suddenly thinking. And I think the most obvious bit would be the presence and absence of colleagues.

I find myself a little more prone to emo-ing these days and I realized it’s because I hardly have anyone to talk to on a daily basis. I don’t even talk to my hb much everyday. So its always me vs kids, me vs my mum/sis. It’s the sense of social belonging that I’m missing…sigh…

Although I really enjoy what I’m doing, I guess that emptiness caused by the lack of daily social interaction is consuming me quite a bit. That’s the very reason why I’m a ‘fb camper’. That’s probably my substitute platform to chit chat and to be heard.

Suddenly I feel a little bit 可怜….


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