And so, the Ngs (minus the Ks) are going to…


After much deliberation and consideration, plus days of emotional struggle over leaving the girls behind, I finally made the booking!

Why Shanghai? Mainly because my BFF is there! We were looking at places where 4D 3N is sufficient. Also, we din want to go to somewhere hot (like Perth). HK is out cos we just went. Taipei was the other possibility but thought it’s a waste to just go Taipei in Taiwan.

So, think Shanghai, what can we do there!? Asked a few people and the common answers is ‘shopping’! In another words, nothing much.

Started my research, and I conclude that I should consider the following:

– visit the bund (上海滩)
– go to the TV tower
– make a cheongsam for CNY
– ask hubby to make some shirts
– eat at nice places (according to BFF, it’s cheap and good)
– and… Shop?
– considering a day trip to Suzhou
– no more idea…

With just 2 weeks plus to go, I’m feeling pretty excited (the guilt hasn’t set in yet).


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