Baking frenzy

Yes! I baked 2 new flavored cuppies today all within 3 hours! DId something different. Completely ditched my weighing scale and used this cup from daiso to measure the ingredients. They cuppies turned out GREAT!

One of my most successful cuppies! Chocolate Mint! I LOVE the fudge!

Lemon Blueberry cuppies. It tastes really citrusy (is there such word?) I made a few changes to the original recipe. Glad that the buttercream and cake tasted so lemony after the changes. I guess I am getting it!

My new mini cuppies stand. Look nice ya?

And big head me am actually thinking of a 2nd career in having a cuppies speciality store. But it’s a 5-min thought only. Honestly, me in the kitchen, baking EVERYDAY? HA HA HA!

Anyways, after the big bake-out today, I suddenly remember my year-end ‘to-dos’ I am looking at point #4 and really tapping my fingers on the table….hmmmmmmmm….


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