Happycall – episode salmon

As requested, here’s a quick thought about my first attempt to happy call!

Initial thought was to fry fish and grill chicken but thanks to a last min engagement, I had no time. So I had to settle with just the salmon.

Picture says it all.

– It’s almost oil free! The oil you see comes from the fish, I only use a kitchen towel to brush a teeny weeny bit of olive oil on the surface of the pan.

– it’s fast. Took only 3 mins, about there to brown one side.

– it’s painless! Cos no oil escaped!

BUT, I bought too big a pan hahahhaha! So when I flipped, the fish went all over and I had to rearrange. Defeat the whole purpose right?

Also, think because of the almost absence of oil, I can’t seem to make the skin of the fish crispy… Hmmm anyone kind enough to tell me why?

Anyway, whatever, I’m actually thinking of getting the original red one hee hee




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