This word is described as one of the most difficult to define words in the world.

Based on wiki and, I figure that it means ‘a lucky find when you most unexpect it’.

Yes, a little odd, its definition is.But somehow, since I dont know when, this has become one of my most favourite words. To me, it’s one of the most romantic words. It’s the kind of word that pops into my mind when some small but pleasant happens (something like the word ‘shit’, in the opposite sense).

Decided to record serendipities in my life in pictures and words as I think I am beginning to develop a deadly pool of negative energy. Being the emo, these negativities will one day consume me and I will soon die, miserable.

So, here’s my serendipity for today – a box of durians bought at katong shopping centre. Have been having a self-perceived terrible day and was in need of comfort. And this Malaysian durian van just magically appeared when I was at Katong SC.

Felt good savoring the almost seedless flesh but I developed mild fever after. Hahah… So it’s serendipity with a tinge of ‘shit’



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