The New Year WORD!

Last year, the hub told me that there’s no need to have a long list of new year resolutions (well, I still insisted on having one this year). Instead, I should come up with a word that will guide me through the year. The word I (or rather, he) chose was ‘RESILIENCE’. Useful advice, definitely. Because whenever I felt down, I (or rather, he) kept telling myself this word.

This year, there is already a word in mind but this morning, a phrase kept coming to my mind and so, I decided that this phrase which kinda defines the word shall guide me through 2012!

‘Do only things I like and be GOOD in them’

and the word is FOCUS!

Certainly apt and this is the list of my to-dos that I can apply these on:

– Be a good wifey

– Be a good mummy

– Be a good business person

– Be a good baker

– Be a good daughter

– Be a happier person





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