Happy birthday Mom!

This is so worth a post! For someone who have never failed badly at baking, failed big time today! And I almost cried. But I needed a spank definitely, for halving a recipe meant for a 29cm cake and used it to bake a 22 cm cake. Result was a miserably flat cake that crumbled at just a simple touch.

It simply fell apart

Since I couldn't make a round cake, I tried squaring it and it fell apart further.

Miserably behind time (supposed to get the sponge ready before bringing the sticky little girl back), I went for a quick shop at NTUC and Phoon Huat. And quickly found a wonderful recipe online. And in case all things failed again, I bought a box of Betty Crocker premix, just in case 🙂

The second attempt resulted in a nicely risen sponge

When this came out, I heaved a sigh of relief

Turned it upside down successfully with the baking paper still stuck to it

Halved it without it falling apart. But it was embarrassingly unequal!

The filling - buttercream and strawberries

Managed to sandwich it without major accident

Covered in buttercream uglily

Thank goodness for the almonds. Managed to cover the sides of the badly creamed cake

Decided to use a fork to do some lines so that the uneven surface would not be so obvious. Refused to take any risk in piping, so I just line the strawberries around.

DONE! It looks like a cake!

This was not the first-ever cake I have ever done (still trying to look for THAT chocolate mango cake that I baked ages ago), but I think it will be a long long while before I make another attempt to bake a full-sized cake.


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