Whimsical – My latest favorite word!

Don’t ask me why. This word just popped in my head yesterday and I told my hub that this April shall be the month of everything and anything whimsical. Funny thing is, actually I am not quite sure what is the meaning of it. Just like the word ‘serendipity’, I simply like how the word looks, or rather, sounds like.


According to google, it means

  1. Playfully quaint or fanciful, esp. in an appealing and amusing way.
  2. Acting or behaving in a capricious manner.

Once, again, not quite what I have in mind. I was thinking more of flowers, girly stuffs. Something that I can find on Pinterest kind. Like this . But NO, this is called Shabby Chic.

Whimsical is like these:

One of my favorite movies of all time!


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