The 32 year-old who thinks she is 23.

Yesterday Mr Ng was utterly shocked when I informed him that I’m turning 32 this year. He thought that he has married a younger woman. He thought that I’m only 30 (of course, that is to my delight!). This totally reminded me of my birthday entry last year. I was a 31 who felt not even 30. This year, I have become worse! I actually feel more in the 20s. I would define this as a serious case of self-deceit and self-denial. Oh well, too bad if no one agrees, it’s my big day, I shall think whatever I want.

So, it’s the time of the year to reflect (AGAIN? yes, I reflect almost every other day). As mentioned last year, I made a big change. Now a rather happy mummy of two super duper active, naughty and cute girls and a proud partner of a bridal gown rental boutique. Plus a hub who despite being stressed up at work, supporting me and tolerating my irritable personality. After a mega episode two weeks back, I have decided that I am a very blessed women who has a very supportive family and I mean my own and my hub’s. And I shall stop complaining.

This year, will be the year of make or break. I am simply glad that I am still at the stage where I am still given the go-ahead to go realize my aspirations. Hopefully my dreams will really come true in the next couple of years.

So, cheers to all the good and wonderful things in life.

Here’s a song to myself and my dear hub. Happy birthday to you too, Mr Ng!





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