The 家常便饭hits and misses

The hub lost his wallet and has been having a rather stressful time at work so I decided to cook a meal for him to cheer him up a little. Also included a sinful dish which is one of his favourites too. BUT this cook-out proved to be one filled with more misses than hits. Got to blog it down because thou shall not repeat the mistakes again.


Mistake 1: the Saba fish! NEVER NEVER attempt to grill them in the oven. The colour came out great but at huge cost. My oven is all oily and fishy!! Sob sob sob! Poor helper got to scrub her night away. I refused to use the hcp as I wanted try something new. Lesson learnt- oven will ONLY be used to bake and ONLY use HCP to fry fish.


Mistake 2: Fried egg with baby scrimps and fish cake (formerly known as omelette). Yep, it was supposed to be an omelette. Threw away my neoflam because of this! The stupid confinement lady had destroyed the surface of the pan and as a result I could hardly cook anything in it!!!! I NEED to buy a new pan!


Only this tiny piece turned out ok. And this belongs to Ms Kay!


Mistake 3: fried Battered chicken wings! Lessons learnt: 1) NEVER deep fry food at home as its so hot and oily, 2) I want to buy an airfryer, it looks like a healthier way to fry stuffs, 3) I need a new wok. The one I use is badly maintained by my confinement lady and she left with my wok all black! 4) always find a recipe for the batter. My mix was actually not bad but I wasted a lot of flour to get the right texture and somehow the chicken wings don’t look good 😦

FORTUNATELY, I had one dish that turned out great!! TADA!!


I conclude that I will not go wrong with steaming and boiling. I shall explore my way in these areas, it’s healthier anyway!


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