Ms Kay, my little darling

Just dawned on me that darling bbk is really growing out of the bb stage. This was what happened…

Was driving her to school and she was watching iPad in the car (not supposed to but I was feeling really unwell to entertain her) suddenly I heard some techno music playing from the iPad. Here goes the conversation

Me: What are you watching? please give me the iPad, I want to see.

Kay: NO! NO! *screamed as I reached out for the ipad*

Me: *raised voice* I’m angry with you!

And I started the silence treatment, ignoring her. After a few seconds…

Kay: mama? Na *surrendering the ipad*

I took it and remained silent.

Kay: mama?

Me: I’m very angry and sad…

Kay: I want mama happy… *sounding down*

Awwwwwwww…almost choked on tears. Of course I went on lecturing her that if she wants me to be happy, she have to be a good girl yada yada yada…

This hit me really! She is finally understanding things and emotions. All the ‘I love you’s are real genuine ones and they mean something to her.

Last night another example happened. We bought each girl a Minnie mouse luggage tag. I had a minnie mouse backpack (supposed to be Kay’s) for meimei to put the tag on. Seeing this, kay was angry. She said the bag was hers. And started the whole snatching episode again. So, I told her the bag was too small for her and I’ll go and buy a new and bigger one for her soon. I’d thought I was speaking to the air BUT she instantly released her hand and said ‘ok’! She went on to play!

Finally, after so long, the day seems brighter. Ms Kay is really moving into the next stage. She has always been a sweet and kind natured little girl. Hope she will continue to be such lovely little lady who smiles and laugh every day.

** BUT as one moves slowly out of the terrible twos, another is showing it in a BIG WAY! Stay tuned!


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