Congratulations WU PEIRONG and Alvin

People who got to know her post-2000 will probably call her Miss Eugenia. Oh well, dear old friend, still prefer to call you Wu Peirong.

Rewind to 15 years ago. We were the ‘geeks’ in class. No one would have guessed that ‘geeks’ are such popular beings now as compared to 15 years ago. So, we were definitely ahead of our time. Miss Wu was the forever nagging power behind us to STUDY! Talk about PEER PRESSURE. This is the kinda person I want my girls to hang out with in school. That’s how As are being scored.

Fast forward to uni days and fresh into society days. The endless weekends spent in Orchard road. Far East, Topshop, GG<5. One has to feel pressured to shop alongside with this Miss Fashionista.

The Hen Day was a blast and it touched me. I like the fact that you guys adore each other to the max and were not shy to show to the world. And how you giggle like a little girl when you are with him. He really brings out the 小女人 in you. I am really happy that you have found THE ONE!

Finally, the big day is here. Congratulations to my dear friend. It’s really the beginning of a new chapter in life and I am sure this new chapter is a happy one.


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