Hong Kong rendezvous!

Finally, the chance to travel without the man and the kids came, in the form of work. Decided to 大开眼界 at a trade fair, I signed myself up for it. My poor sister had to tag along because the strict hubby and the strict father feel that it would not be safe for a lone woman to travel.

Fortunately, my sister tagged along because yours truly came down with high fever upon checking into the hotel. The short trip was probably mostly about me downing panadol and flu medicine.

BUT, I was still glad that this trip materialized as I saw another different side of Hong Kong – one that I never would have seen with the kids along. So, here are some revelations I had this time round.

1. Hotel – Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers.

We stayed at the same hotel this time round, barely 1 month after. The difference is, we did not get to enjoy the club room like the last time as we were kinda on a budget. BUT I would still book this package if it were to offer again. Why? It comes with disneyland 2-day pass and airport transfer. Although time was short, still went to disneyland on one of the evenings so that we would not waste the tickets. What really got me all happy was the fact that the hotel, despite being a little far from the usual Tsim Sha Tsui station, it was a mere 5-10 minutes walk to the new and very clean and quiet station called Austin. And from Austin, we could easily go on to disneyland and the airport. One more reason to love this hotel is the fact that it’s opposite 糖朝 which is famous for the tau huey and porridge (though we did not visit this time round), it’s next to Hong Kong China City which has 2 Espirit outlets, Relay outlet, Geox outlet, Bossini and G2000 outlets and not forgetting a very newly opened ISA outlet, selling branded stuffs at least 20-30% cheaper than market rates. It is also home to the Hong Kong-Macau ferry terminal.

2. Food

Did not manage to do any crazy food adventure this time round because the main objective of this trip is not quite food. Not forgetting, I was nursing a bad throat and temperature. So my appetite for the entire trip was not there. BUT, we finally visited 2 very famous restaurants. One of which was one that I have been dying to visit.

The first one was Yung Kee (镛记), famous for its roast goose. Did some last minute reading at the airport after we touched down and decided that we should visit on the first night. Frantically looked for the phone number and booked a table for it was mentioned that it was one place that’s tough to get a table. But so much for the hoo haa. The roast goose was quite a disappointment. Not sure if it’s because they gave us the breast parts. We kinda missed the fatty portion that we tasted earlier in the day at 美心 at the airport. The skin was definitely crispy and the peanuts underneath was yummy. For about 30 bucks, the portion was quite pathetic. Somehow we felt that the one at 稻香was so much better. Well at least, my sister enjoyed one dish -the century egg, supposedly as famous as the roast goose. I would have liked the fried rice which had so much ingredients if not for my fever.

Yung Kee
Photo courtesy of my sister.

Roast Goose
Photo courtesy of my sister.

Century Egg
Photo courtesy of my sister.

The next restaurant I am going to RAVE about it! It’s 添好运点心专门店(深水埗店)! This is the one that was awarded michelin 1 star and probably the cheapest ever. The branch that is most famous is probably the one at Mongkok. But the waiting time at the Mongkok branch can go up to 2 hours, we decided to try the one at Sham Shui Po where we were conducting some learning journey. We were very lucky. Got s table upon reaching. The place was pretty jam packed and obviously, sharing table is the norm. We were famished, and so we ordered the baked char siew bao, lo mai gai, steamed chicken feet, beef balls, har gao and siew mai. And the char siew bao was heavenly!!!!!!!!!! Really almost teared when I took the first bite. The 凤爪was probably the yummiest I have eaten. I am not a har gao. siew mai person but I am madly in love with this had gao. Wanted to order more char siew bao but sister said we should remember at its best. On second thought, shouldn’t have listened to her. Read in Openrice that the one at Mongkok is still the best. So, I can really imagine, if the Shamshuipo branch is already so good, the mongkok one must be superb!

The yummiest dim sum ever.
Photo by my sister

The last most memorable meal must be our loot from the City Super nearby. This super market is like our Cold Storage, selling mainly imported products. When we were here in June, this was where we bought the baby food for the little one. This time round, we were so tired from disneyland and it was here where we settled our supper.

Photo by my sister

3. Shopping

Obviously, shopping should not be the top priority of this trip. HOWEVER, as we were going around Sham Shui Po searching for fabric, we also saw many apparel wholesale shops! The fun in shopping here is going through the samples lined outside these shops. Prices can go from 20HKD to 100 HKD. Some even price at 3 for 100 HKD. The kiddy clothes that we got were so pretty and cute. Bought altogether close to 30 pcs at about 40 HKD each. These outlets are located along Wong Chuk Street and Cheung Sha Wan. Warning, pocket can still go burst despite the low price because you will tend to buy more and more.

Another interesting place to shop is Granville Road. Before I went Sham Shui Po, I have always thought that clothes along granville is already very cheap but the gem of Granville this time round is not the apparels, it’s the Dispensary, thats how they label themselves. Chanced upon this Lung Shing Dispensary (Shop 28 Granville Road) and only knew much later that it’s a MUST visit. Warning though, this place is always crowded with tourists from China. In terms of ability to grab, we certainly will lose out. But if you are ok with chaos, the stuffs here is cheaper than Bourjour and SaSa. The variety is crazy! From upmarket brands to Chinese medication. I see these tourists buying boxes after boxes of facial products, salon pas etc etc.

4. Disneyland

I shall let the picture do the talking. I certainly DO NOT advise visiting Disneyland in July because it felt that China. Only realized that we bumped into their school holidays when we were there. Visited Disneyland Hong Kong so many times but this last visit on a Friday was the most crowded we have ever seen.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Photo by my sister

So, I guess this will not be the last we will see Hong Kong, not when we have discovered more gems now. Plotting, plotting. Since the little girl has been asking to go disneyland on a daily basis.


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