BB Kay and puzzling

Something pretty interesting. We have always thought that our dear big Kay is not quite a ‘academic’ kind of person. In our eyes, this baobei seems to be more inclined to song and dance or basically anything that doesn’t need her to stay put for more than 2 minutes. But she did something pretty extraordinary in our eyes.

I was just feeling pretty disappointed this morning that she rejected my offer to do some writing. I thought she might be ready as I have been seeing and hearing other 33 month-olds practicing writing, which kinda bothers me a little. So, after the rejection, she went on to the stack of melissa and doug’s toys and puzzles that her shopaholic mummy bought ages ago and promptly asked me to open this new 12-piece puzzle – something I thought initially she won’t be able to do it and also something that many of her peers have been there and done that. so, I sat down and started guiding her piece by piece, left to right. She was definitely showing some sign of interest. After the 1st round, she gladly took up the challenge to do it on her own but of course, with quite a bit of guidance. AND, she did it, in the midst of distractions like the door bell. I was pleasantly surprised and I think the montessori school is starting to show some positive impact, finally!

Issue now about this girl is, once she knows how to do it, she will see no point in doing it again. Nonetheless, I am glad that I managed to capture video of the precious moment of her completing her 1st puzzle. Pardon the bad editing, cos this blur but very proud mummy kept forgetting how to stop the recording on the new camera.



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