Little One and her bag(s)

I just have to jot this down. This not-quite-a-toddler-yet-not-really-a-baby-anymore stage is probably my favorite. For Ms Kay, she kinda skipped many things when she was around this age. Not sure if it’s the presence of an older sibling to ‘model’ after, this little one’s funny antics are never-ending. One of my absolute favorites (other than going to the bedroom and close the door, not allowing us to enter) is her obsession with bags. When she is fussy, bored or angry, just give her a bag, any bag (including plastic bag), she will put on one funny show for you. She can carry them over the shoulder, at the elbow, on the wrist, in the ah lian way, tai tai way, or even air-stewardess way. Here’s 2 of the many videos we have captured when she was at her bag-a-licious best.


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