About that $60 REDs haircut

Pretty amused about that news on a parent who reported a teacher to the police for cutting her son’s hair.

The ONLY thing the teacher did wrong was NOT informing the parents before she cut. That’s super silly. A teacher must learn to protect his or herself.

Poor teacher have to apologize. How is she going to face her students in the future?

No wonder teachers have no respect in Singapore. No one wants to be the teaching profession anymore. There’s no protection. Parents of teachers should also start suing parents of students?

Please please don’t post this boy to my hubby’s school or any school my good friends are teaching in. These teachers are good ppl. God bless his future sec teachers.

Honestly! Has anyone seen the haircut? The mum paid $60 for that chao ah beng haircut? Think the $10 shop can do better.

I can see where the teacher was coming from. FIRST IMPRESSION MATTERS! You can speak ‘slang’ English and whatsoever, short skirt, ugly hair might give you A instead of A*. Think of a job interview.

End of my 20 cents worth of view!


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