About being handicapped and using strollers …


I am sure many of us recognise this sign and understand what it means. Just like many years ago, there was a debate on where non-handicapped people can use toilets meant for handicapped user. I have been wanting to rant a little on this but somehow things haven’t irritated me to the extent until yesterday when we went to 112 Katong.

I do not have any mobility issue but being a mother of two, a stroller or pram is obviously one of our must-haves. I HATE TAKING LIFTS in Singapore with a stroller. It simply pains, or rather, irks me when I see an elevator-load of healthy people with arms and legs intact, prefering to smell each other’s breath to exiting the lift so that people who really need the elevator can use it. That’s why I would rather carry the kids and let the helper maneuver the stroller up the escalator. BUT yesterday, we had no choice because the big K was sleeping in the stroller. Made a complete mistake of putting her in the stroller first. So, having no choice, we had to try our luck with the lifts, or rather lift. Well, to nobody’s surprise, we saw about 2-3 fully loaded elevators passing us by. What amused me most was the look on the faces of these people in the lift when the door opened. They will use their fishball eyes to stare at you and your sleeping kid in the stroller, either looking blur, indifferent or simply, guilty. So, feeling pretty indignant, as many have said, NEVER anger a hungry woman, I started to question if the elevator was design for everyone’s use. HAH! Good question asked and my gut was right. There was a handicapped sign on top of the elevator buttons. SO TINY that I fault no one for missing it. Then I also started to question, MAYBE it’s because I was pushing a stroller and not a wheel chair! The stroller looks different from the logo! AH! Maybe ah! But I recalled a while back at the same place, I was waiting for the elevator with a wheel-chair bound lady , the same thing happened! She was the one who said, ‘it’s ok, let’s wait for another one’. While I was the guilty one, trying to take an elevator as well. Anyway, my patience was so pathetic that I went to take the escalator.

Whose fault it is in this case? The stingy management who refused to plaster the logo high and BIG in the faces of users? The wheel-chair bound people who made themselves wheelchair bound? Parents who chose to have kids and being too lazy to carry their own kids? At this time and in this present societal state of Singapore, I actually don’t know, ya right!

So having said that, I think I MUST REMIND MYSELF to make a conscious effort to always get out of the lift if I see anyone needing the space.

PS: Perhaps if any management who happens (unlikely though) to see this, can also add the following logo? In case people really think strollers are objects that can easily fly up the escalators.




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