I want to cook these… Ep 1

It’s 1.02am and I can’t believe I’m blogging. Worse is the fact that I’m blogging about food. Must be the long day at work and the poor intake of food. In simpler term…. I AM HUNGRY! So, I started to google on recipes, as I’m not tortured enough. I so wanna cook these but I really dunno when. So, just put the links down and hopefully many years later, I am cook them

1. O AH MEE SUA aka oyster mee sua

Don’t ask me why this? It just randomly popped up! So I googled and saw this so-called healthy version. Shall give it a try and see if it’s that healthy.

2. Beef pie

My last encounter with savory pie aka chicken pie was such a hit that I can’t get enough of making pies. One day, I shall try making the beef version… I will

3. Swiss roll

This has been on my ‘to-bake’ list since I dunno when. I don’t understand why everytime I had a chance to bake, I never baked it. I actually fear failing in rolling it prettily.

Ok. That’s all for now. I think the hunger is too much to bear. I shall make another list again


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