~BB Kay’s diary~ I am THREE!

So GUILTY…the mummy is when it comes to updates of meimei and me! And due to her lack of diligence, I have turned THREE with very minimal updates of me from dunno-when till now. So, here I am trying to be as concise and detailed about what I have been up to….honestly…I (or rather, mummy) have kinda lost track of things.

1. I LOVE SCHOOL! Even when I am on MC, I would still ask mummy to bring me to school, though I NEVER had my way. I have two good friends in school – Elisa and Zachary. Teachers are great and they have started to notice me more. I still do not sit still much and new to my profile, I am talkative as well. The school year is coming to an end and we are now preparing for the year-end concert. I can’t wait! Enjoyed the rehearsal tremendously and I am so looking forward to the show!

2. I am more willing to speak Chinese now! Mummy often complains that my school is too ‘gang dang’. I speak with a ‘slang’ and totally resist speaking mandarin. But after mummy introduces tang shi to me, I am more willing to use little chinese vocabulary here and there. Mummy is still hoping that I will start speaking in long sentences in Beijing ‘qiang’ soon. But for now, she will have to settle on a more ang moh accented mandarin from me.

3. I love meimei soooooooooo much. I love my mornings fooling around with meimei, jumping on the bed. I love playing with meimei at popo’s house. I love holding meimei’s hand when we go gai gai. Basicailly I love doing everything with meimei and she loves playing with me too.

4. I dunno why…I am getting a little more insecure these days. I am so afraid that mummy and daddy do not want me. I Must sleep with mummy next to me every night and I would cry whenever mummy and daddy are angry with me. I like to follow mummy to work and if possible I want to stick to her all the time wherever she goes.

5. I also understand emotions better now. To make myself feel better, I would always ask mummy if she was angry or if she was sad if I don’t see her smile. I will feel happy when she says she is happy.

6. At night before sleep time, I must say ‘I love you and sweet dreams’ and hug mummy real tight or else I cannot fall asleep.

7. I have discovered the wonders of fast food and french fries are yummy! But my favourite foods remain to be chinese home-cooked food, chocolate and cheeeeeeeeeese…yumz

8. Mummy did not really do a check but I was about 97cm tall and 16 kg when I am about 32 months old. Now I am definitely much taller now as I see my pretty dresses turning into mini dresses.

9. I am slowly learning to share my feelings, learning to differentiate the rights from the wrongs, and of course, QUESTION! Poor mummy has to handle my 101 questions on a daily basis.

10. I am still very active. I still love to dance, I love to run, I love to scream and I love to laugh!

So, here I am at the stage of the ‘Terrific Three’… I believe it’s going to be another wonderful and fun year ahead!


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