$10 Vs $2

I did not want to do a hooooo haaaa (my usual way) when the incident happened as I needed the truth. I did not want to accuse others wrongly but when I know I was almost in the right, I cannot take it lying down. So, that day, I dropped Cheers a fb message:

Dear cheers, I hope you could help me look into an incident at your outlet. I was at the blk 59 new upper changi road branch today (29 oct) at around 11.45am. I bought a loaf of gardenia bread at $1.85. I gave the cashier (a bespectacled lady in long hair) a $10 note. When I was given 15 cents change, I asked her if she had given me the wrong change. She insisted that I gave her $2. I was a little taken aback as I remembered that I had given all my $2 notes to a hawker before I visited cheers. I’m giving your staff the benefit of doubt as I cannot be 100% sure who is right or wrong. But I’m seeking help from your end, if there’s any way to get to the bottom of the matter? Perhaps the surveillance camera or your accounting sides could shade some light? The lady did not give me the receipt as well. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Today I got a call from the branch manager herself. I was RIGHT! They had an extra $8 in the till on that day.  I am usually not so uptight about such incidents and usually would just blame it on myself for not being careful but I guess as I grow older, I realise 钱真的很难赚. Honestly, I was pretty peeved by the cashier insistence. So peeved that I really got to find out the truth. It wasn’t a great feeling to feel accused that I was lying and she probably felt the same too. But my ‘innocence’ is proven. I am just so glad!


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