Random rant….again

Watching the news on TV on a rare rare quiet night. Our news are that boring really…even the strike (YES! We had a strike from the overseas bus drivers of SMRT) was reported so boringly….then they even reported on dunno-what-organisation organising training programmes for senior citizens…hmmm shouldn’t there be more depth in such news? Like why are our senior citizens (and I mean those really old old ones being shown in the clip) are cutting subway sandwiches again? Why are they working in the first place?

This reminds me of a conversation with my helper from Myanmar. I forgot why I was informing her about old people working in Singapore and she straight away said, ‘Ya ma’am! I see many also. In my country old people no need to work. The children give money to them.’ Then she asked me, ‘ma’am, these old people have children right?’

Food for thought, isn’t it? I am already finding it tough to feed our little family of four + one. Feeling rather bad that we can’t afford to give our parents a true life of a retiree….


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