Wow! We have a strike!

Abt that strike by bus drivers, really find it very laughable when I read the comments by typical Singaporean. Sometimes it’s not as simple as foreigner taking jobs away.

Ask! Why do we even need the 117 of them in the first place? Profit-driven? Or an attempt to meet demands of Singaporeans to have good bus service without going into a loss and at the same time, be profitable?

Ask! Why can’t we employ more local bus drivers? Are you willing to work such a job with a diploma or degree or any cert? Are you willing to pay even higher bus fares?

Ask! Why do these Chinese ppl even come to drive our buses? Call me a dork, I was shocked to even learn that they are living in a dormitory, like those banglashi building our houses. I thought they will rent flats, rooms etc etc. Honestly I find them silly to even come to be hated by us. In China, bus drivers or any drivers are called 师傅 (master), not even 司机(driver). So much more respected. They come simply because they want a better lives for themselves. Just like how some ppl backstab others for own gains so that they can have a better lives too! At least bus drivers have more integrity.

That’s why I find the comments laughable. Just shows how spoilt we are. Here we are trying to fight for minimal wages for locals, at the same time, we laugh at bus drivers who help us commute from places to places and ignore their rights.

I’m not trying to take sides. But I always believe in questioning the WHY. When things happen, and somehow rather we are tempted to take sides and do the ‘blame’ game (how typical!), and Singaporeans can do it very disproportionately.

Like all humanities student, I know there’s always the flipside of the coin. the English communication issue raised in this strike is quite disturbing. Why are we having bus drivers who can’t speak English. I have a friend who works in Belgium, his company gave him allowance and time to learn Belgian. To me, that’s the basic a foreign employer should do…. Ya I know…. Cost!

Next, they should never go on strike. It’s against the law, period!

Then it’s the issue of ambition. If you can’t manage the cost or even demand of consumers, then stop hogging the public transport or even make it so big that you can’t manage. Why not we do it like overseas, have schedules and standardized routes instead of bus numbers. I bet we have the most number of bus numbers, routes, busstops in the world. Then we can have less heart-stopping moments of ppl chasing after buses cos normal (i know there will be those habitual ‘down-to-last-minute ppl) people can plan their time based on the bus schedule. I’m not a bus service expert, but I hve always like system in Japan, esp their long haul bus service. They never depart until its time or rather, they will always depart on time.

It’s going to be interesting to see how things will end up now when the diplomats are in action. Tricky terrain ahead for the employers as well as the government…. Hmmmmm


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