If the world really ends…

I am not a pessimist but if we really based on the so-called Mayan calendar, the doomsday should be tomorrow(my bad…the time difference not that bad) because the ancient Mayan empire is in the South America. So, strictly speaking, it’s not time yet.

But if really, these few hours are all that we are left with, what I really want to do is….

1. Raid CCSS and save my husband from the meeting

2. Eat lotsa of Fried Chicken

3. Sing K till I die

4. Catch the first flight to London and probably die on the way there

5. Bring the Ks to USS for the last time

6. Yes….and eat all the deep fried stuffs in the world on top of that Fried Chicken

HOWEVER, if I really go all out to do the above now and if the world did not end? I think I will just hang myself for I won’t be able to face the fats consumed…

Till then, life goes on…I still got to work and so some silly delivery for some lazy person. Hopefully, the world won’t end. I REALLY REALLY have lotsa yet to be done.


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