And so 2013 is here!

Well, 2012 ended but not the world. I am taking a long time to think through what my new year resolutions are because I genuinely secretly thought that world would end on twenty-one.december.two.thoursand.twelve. Well, the year came to an end safely and 2013 is indeed here.

Last year, I started the year with the word FOCUS… and I must say it helped me to stay on track most of the time. The happiest in my 2012 is certainly La Mariee Wedding House. I think for a short 17 months, this little bridal house is doing pretty well and it is certainly ready to go a little farther. 

Home-wise and family-wise….let’s just say that I tried to work hard. BUT I need to work harder.

Health-wise, I think I am much much better. But can’t say the same about weight-wise. I DID NOT ACHIEVE MY WEIGHT LOSS TARGET.

So what’s the word (s) for me this year? I took a while to come up with this SIMPLE word(s).


2012, especially the last day, has shown that I am one with very little, or rather none, of the above. Won’t elaborate the hows and the whys. Basically, I just wanna apply these two words in whatever I do from 2013 onwards (and the opposite sums up what I hate about myself in 2012).

Hah! Super proud of myself for not having a long list of resolutions. Age has indeed caught up and I am still feeling younger than ever.

Happy 2013 everyone! May this year be one with lesser scandals and more love.


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