About the Ks…

I am guilty of not blogging on the girls enough. But then again, I update fb every other day (Excuses!). To keep the story short, life with the girls is chaotic, emotionally draining on a daily basis. At the same time, fun and enriching. To some extent, my initial guilt of having the younger one so early is pretty much gone as I think she is probably the best gift I can ever give to BBK.

I am also glad that I made the career switch. I cannot imagine how little time I would get to spend with them if I were to stay on in my previous job. Now, I get to spend at least half a day with them every day doing things together or nothing at all.

Fun and great as it may all sound, I also have hair-pulling moments EVERYDAY. The three.year.old is extremely whiny and self-conscious now. Once she is in this mode, she will whine and whine till the cow comes home. But on good days, she will be this sweet angelic and super sensible little girl who will give in to all my little requests. The two.year.old, at the other end, has turned into a demanding feisty young lady. She fights for what she wants and her favourite phase now is ‘I DON’T WANT……..’ YES, she is talking. We are just amazed at her grasp of phrases and vocabulary. She is certainly modelling after her big sister and gosh, she LOVES to talk and imitate our conversation – like a little parrot. My favourite to date, ‘erm…..erm….’ after I ask her ANY question.

And so, time really flies. January not only spells the start of the new year, it is also our month of celebration as well. The little one is turning TWO already and the thought is so overwhelming to me. Today was her first day in playgroup and WE.ARE.SO.DAMN.PROUD.OF.HER. She walked into the classroom so confidently and with so much grit. No tears, no need for hugs too. What makes us prouder was she was totally attentive in class (according to the P) and unfazed by the entire NEW experience.

As we count down to her big TWO, we just can’t help but to feel really blessed to have these two little girls in our family.

Just something to share at the end of this post. In their school, it’s a tradition for parents to help fill in the birthday chart that would be used during their birthday celebrations. I can’t help but to compare the charts of these two little darlings as I was preparing the little one’s. Let’s just say that, it has been an amazingly fun (and frustrating) journey so far.


I think they looked quite alike as newborns.


At one. Both extremely active and showing signs of cheekiness


At two. They are the kinda sisters that people on the street would never think that they are sisters. LOL.


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